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Note: Some of these are better than others, and I don’t necessarily think that these are all must-reads. I’m merely sharing the webcomics I read, in case people want to read some too.

Note 2: Many of these webcomics have mature content! Read at your risk! If you have some sort of trigger, or other thing you’d like to avoid, leave a comment and I’ll let you know which comics might contain that thing.

Note 3: These are in the order that they are in my bookmarks, which is more or less how often they update,

Note 4: Maybe these notes should have been a paragraph, but I’m committed now.

Questionable Content – This webcomic focuses on the life of a group of twenty-somethings (out of college, for the most part) living in Northampton, Massachusetts. It’s funny, and has people of all races, sexualities, and genders. Also, lots of indie band references that I don’t get.

Girls With Slingshots – This webcomic is also about a group of twenty-somethings, also with pretty great representation of different groups. A bit more sex, though!

Dumbing of Age – About a group of mostly-freshmen in college, and about their adventures. Kinda silly, but really profound at times. Also, decent representation.

xkcd – The staple of internet comics. A bunch of mostly one off, short jokes, with a lot of profound stuff. (And some annoying stuff, but you can’t have everything.) There are a couple comics, though, that are mindblowingly awesome; one of them even won a Hugo award, which is basically the Oscar for science fiction.

Penny Arcade – A webcomic, mostly about nerds and nerd culture, that exaggerates things to poke fun at them.

Erfworld – A webcomic about a strategy gamer who gets transported into a world that runs on the mechanics of a strategy game. Very weird, surreal humor, and honestly one of my favorite comics.

Gunnerkrigg Court – A fantasy/scifi (elements of both, robots and magic and gods and science) webcomic that focuses on the lives of two very interesting girls at a very weird boarding school/government, who end up doing lots of important things.

Rice Boy – Surrealism to the max, with narratives about heroism, sacrifice, imperialism, and honestly one of the coolest webcomics on this list. If you’re not weirded out by it, read it, I promise it’s amazing.

Dr. McNinja – A webcomic about a Doctor who is also a Ninja (and Irish). What is he a doctor of? He literally has every degree, but he practices medicine. It’s also very weird, but in a “elementary schoolers making up stories with their action figures” way, rather than a “surrealism” way. It’s unbelievably cool, and a riot.

Control Alt Delete – A webcomic that intersperses topical videogame humor with narrative, though the narrative is pretty videogamey as well.

Unsounded – A fantasy webcomic, with a very cool world, and a very complex plot, about a thief and a mage travelling across a continent.

Darths and Droids – A webcomic that uses screenshots of the Star Wars movies to make a comic about a bunch of Tabletop Roleplayers playing the Star Wars story as a game. A very fun take on the story, best appreciated if you’re a star wars fan.

Order of the Stick – A minimalist stick figure webcomic about a bunch of people who are the characters in the world of Dungeons and Dragons. Lots of comedy.

Existential Comics – A comic about philosophers throughout history arguing over things like candyland and poker games. It’s humorous and educational!

Subnormality – Updates very slowly, but INCREDIBLY profound and INCREDIBLY full of words. You will need both a good internet connection and some patience to be able to load the images of the comic. They are huge.


Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality (fanfic)

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