My name is Isaac. I am not using my last name on this blog, mainly for purposes of anonymity—I’d prefer if not everyone who googles me can find this blog. I’m currently in college, and I live in Colorado—same reason for the lack of specifics.

I spend a lot of time thinking about random, but interesting, concepts, but never actually put the time in to write them down. This blog is an attempt to change that, hence the name, “Too Many Thoughts, Too Little Time.”

The URL for this blog comes from the elvish translation of my name. Lalaithion and Isaac both roughly mean “He Laughs.” I use this pseudonym in other places on the internet, so if you run into another Lalaithion, there’s a good chance it’s me.

I also frequently change my mind, but I’m going to make it policy to not go back and change blog posts when my opinion changes, so if you go and read some of the stuff I’ve written from a while ago, don’t assume I still believe that. And you’ll always have a better chance of convincing me if you’re polite.