Four Amazing Science Fiction Short Stories

by Izaak

This post is a list of four of my favorite stories that fulfill the following the requirements:

  1. They are in the genre of speculative fiction, and they’re closer to science fiction than to fantasy.
  2. They are short stories, meaning there’s no huge time commitment to reading them; you should be able to do so in one sitting.
  3. They’re available for free on the internet.

I – The Witching Hour

I meant to post a link to this last november, for reasons that will become apparent once you read this story. It’s basically about a post-post-apocalyptic world, where humanity is finally starting to rise from the ashes, with a whole new mythology and religion built on the weird remains of our world, and how they interact with some of our technology.

This is written by one of my favorite bloggers, so the rest of the stuff on his blog is pretty interesting too; some of it fiction, most of it nonfiction.

II – Message 625

This is a story told in the form of a comic; the page may take a while to load, because it’s basically one giant image. While this could have been released as a webcomic, with a section coming out every week or something, the author posted it all at once. It’s the story of someone who is writing part of the user interface for a stasis pod, but it’s a whole lot more than that. Unfortunately, I won’t spoil the rest of it for you.

Once again, this author has posted a lot of stuff on their website; when you click through, you’ll see that this is #221, which means they’ve written 220 other webcomic/short stories about various things.

III – Valuable Humans In Transit

This is the story of an asteroid hitting the earth. No more spoilers. This is one of the shortest, but it made this list because it’s awesome.

I only chose one story by this author, but this page could have ten of his stories. He’s also written two full length science fiction novels, one (Fine Structure) which has some of the best actual science* I’ve ever seen in a science fiction story, and the other which I think is one (Ra) of the coolest science fiction stories centered around computer science I’ve ever seen.

*By science, I mean “application of the scientific method as a way of uncovering mysteries instead of zoom and enhance look there’s the answer”, not “has the same physical laws as our universe.”

IV – SCP 294

This story needs the greatest explanation. This is a piece of fiction. The entire website, with the exception of a few pages, is a work of fiction. The entire website is a fictional database of objects, people, and creatures that are supernatural in some way. Imagine if the Watchers from Buffy had a website, or if the hunters from Supernatural had a wikipedia. This “story” is the file on one of the objects in this fictional universe, and by following links in this work, you can explore a really weird and cool universe of supernatural objects.

Be warned; some of the stuff on this website is very disturbing, although this entry isn’t.