Slacking Off

by Izaak

This blog is titled “Too Many Thoughts, Too Little Time.”

And funnily enough I’ve noticed something. I’m much better at posting on this blog when I have almost no time on my hands. When I’m stressed about other things, I come here to waste time writing about completely irrelevant things to my life.

Part of me thinks that this is just my excuse to slack off; maybe I’m slacking off in a better way when I write posts for my blog, and maybe I should just try to focus on my homework. Then again, slacking off this way is certainly better than getting a new high score in Fruit Ninja’s arcade mode. (Bragging time: high score of 1245.)

Another part of me thinks that maybe it’s less direct than that. After all, when I don’t have school, I play Fruit Ninja all the time. But that sort of activity is more of a distraction from boredom than a distraction from work. Sure, maybe while I’m in school I slack off from school work by doing my blog, and over breaks I slack off from writing for my blog by playing Fruit Ninja.

But I think it’s more likely that when I’m stressed and worn out, writing for my blog helps me feel better in a way that Fruit Ninja doesn’t. I think it made my last semester in college less stressful than it could have been. I highly recommend that anyone who is looking for a stress reliever should try blogging. It helps for me.

Anyway, this whole post is basically an announcement that school starts tomorrow, and so I’ll probably be writing a whole lot more in the next few months.